The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, often called the stimulus plan, was passed in February 2009. Part of this act is titled the HITECH Act and is totally dedicated to funneling 19.2 Billion Dollars into the health care industry. The bulk of this money is for direct payments to physician practices for the "acquisition and effective use of certified electronic health record systems".

This payment starts at $44,000 for each physician in the practice for early adopters but decreases over time. In a carrot and stick approach, incentives will be followed by penalties for those who fail to get and  use these systems.

Every vendor of EHR systems is now out with marketing plans to help you, but we caution that not all of the systems will qualify.  We believe that the answer to your success involves more than just getting the incentive dollars,  it is more important to get the right system.

RMW with its independence, its position with public/private industry partnerships and its experience in selecting and implementing EHR's is available to help you sort through the conflicting claims. We will help you find the right answer for your practice.






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